Urgent Prayer Request

Howard is in need of urgent prayer.  We are currently in Romania which is 8
hours ahead of Central time & 10 hours ahead Pacific time.  Here it is
late Saturday afternoon.  This morning, Howard walked out on the terrace
here at the church where we are staying.  He leaned over the railing to
watch a cat down below.  He was leaning on the flower box, not the
railing.  The flower box gave way and he fell head first on the ground, a
distance of about 5 feet.  He thought he hurt is upper back because he
was in intense pain.  He was able to get up off the ground by himself, to
walk around, to climb the stairs, without a problem.  I called a friend
here who is a nurse and told her what happened.  She called the
paramedics who came and took him to the county hospital which is nearby.
They took some x rays and found that he broke 3 vertebrae in his neck and
1 in his upper back – cervical #5,6,7 and 1 in the thorax (probably #8
but I don’t know for sure).  They admitted him and, when the rest of the
staff returns on Monday, they will do an MRI.  Then they will know if
they have to do surgery or can just put him in a cast to stabilize his
neck.  It is only God’s hand of protection that he is not already
paralyzed and that great danger still exists until his neck can be
stabilized.  We are praying and asking God for a miracle.  Just by
“coincidence” the American ambassador is here in Timisoara tonight in
case we need his help.  Please pray with us that God will give us a
miracle and he will be completely healed.  Thank you in advance for your
prayers.  Blessings!
Rev. Howard & Barbara Gard

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